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After over 23 years in the automotive repair business, we've learned that going the extra mile isn't just good for business but it's the right thing to do. That's why we've always offered additional services designed to make your life easier, and your car-related expenses more affordable.


As you can see from the services listed below, Master Mechanics Automotive is the only shop in the area that will take you to work, provide pre-purchase inspections, perform minor body work, and take your car to the state inspection center for you.


We're on-call Monday through Friday, so don't hesitate to call or visit our convenient location to learn more.


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We're much more than just an auto repair shop

Pre-purchased used car inspection: We'll perform a condition check of all safety and mechanical systems. We'll also inspect the fluids and filters for service and the body panel for possible unreported accidents. We'll make sure you're not buying a lemon.


State inspections: Though not done in-house, for a small fee we will inspect your vehicle exactly as an MA inspection center and notify you of any failures before you go to the station. We will then take your car to the center for you while they inspect and sticker the vehicle. With our pre-inspection service, you don't have to worry about questionable or unneeded repairs.


Bodywork: We can perform basic body repairs that do not require the use of a paint shop, such as side mirrors, headlamp lenses, and taillights. We do work with local body shops and can take your car for a FREE estimate if it requires further work. We can also recommend professional detailing services that can clean your car inside and out.


Get a ride to work: We don't provider loaners, but we'll be happy to give you a ride in the morning if you work in town. While we ask that you find a ride home after your shift, a pickup at the end of the day can be arranged in many cases.


If you work outside of town, we're located very close to the Natick train station and can also call Enterprise Rental Car to assist you in finding a rental car. Our goal is to return your car by the end of the day. In outstanding cases where that isn't an option, we'll do everything we can to make your life easier.

We are a full-service repair center with affordable rates and flexible scheduling

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